Winner of Cruising World's Midsize Yacht of the Year 2016! Unique, innovative and flexible design with 6 layout options!

  • Year: 2019
  • Length: 11.23m
  • Location: ex. factory, France
from: €144,000 inc. VAT

Dufour 382 GL 899_box


The style of the 382 reflects all the features of the new Grand Large range named ‘contemporary Arpege’ for his dual volume. It is characterized by a wide cockpit and a large transom door, ample fixed and opening windows to maximize the amount of natural light inside.

The naval architecture has been developed by Felci Yacht as a guarantee of the latest innovation in the hull form and appendages design combined with rig design layout that aim to maximize comfort on board with a well-balanced yacht in all sailing conditions.

The rig layout shows a very high aspect ratio to have the maximum sail lift and efficiency with a self-tacking jib and a full batten mainsail. The deck plan is also optimized to fit two longitudinal rails in order, for the more performance driven customers, to have a 108% genoa with extra sail area.

The boom is inclined forward like on all the Dufour Grand Large to have an easier access at the boom gooseneck area as well as having the extra sail area which is a must in the Dufour DNA.

The deck plan has beed designed carefully following the 365, 375 and 380 clients’ suggestions to better suit their needs and their experience on board.

The cockpit is 10 cm longer than the previous 380 as well as the helmsman area to improve the interference with the backstay, a fixed bowsprit is going to be available as optional to fit code 0 or similar sail to keep sailing a pleasure without too much effort.


Great attention and care have been placed for the design and concept definition of the interior layout of this innovative Grand Large.

The main objective was to be able to identify and transform into a product all the different needs of all the customers interviewed during the conceptual phase.

The result is an unique project in his field.

The Dufour 382 Grand Large can offer 6 different layouts.

The first point, which is worth to be mentioned, is the possibility to have either a more Mediterranean galley layout on the port hull side or a more traditional layout with a L shape galley. Such flexibility allows the 382 to better satisfy all the different needs for use and habits of customers from various geographical areas.

The second unique point of the new Grand Large is the possibility to have, in the longitudinal galley layout, a second head. Such a feature allows the 382 to really challenge the comfort and needs of owners that usually have to look for 40-42 to satisfy such a need and that with the 382 can benefit of lower budget as well as lower maintenance cost for almost the same level of comfort.

Great care has been placed in the study of ergonomic as well as the flow on board, the result is a modular table that is almost one mt long in daily use and that allows to easily access the sofa both from the front and aft side, while when it has to be used for eating it can be extended up to 1,4mt (the biggest in the market) allowing all the space needed to have 8 people inside the saloon eating.

First developed for the 410 the commutable chart table has been integrated also in the 382 allowing the sofa to be further extended. To note that in the standard layout i.e. the longitudinal galley 3 cabin 1 head the boat is the only one in the market with still a traditional chart table and an oilskin locker behind the chart seat.

Further interesting points are:

  • Single aft cabin with both 2mt long bed longitudinal or transversal
  • 160lt fridge with double drawer instead of the top access for a better cooling and storage
  • Separated shower in the single aft cabin layout
  • Double front bulkhead door like on 310 and P36 to give maximum sense of space
  • Two wood finish either moabi or oak with different details

The result is a very versatile product that aims to better satisfy all the different market needs in the best possible way in a core market segment.

The Dufour 382 GL has won Cruising World ‘Boat of the Year’ 2016 award in the Best Midsize Cruiser category. Further details can be found here.

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Length overall 11,23 m / 11,61 (delphinière, bow sprit)
Length waterline 9,93 m
Hull length 10,96 m
Hull width 3,88 m
Displacement 6850 kg
Draft 1,90 m (1,60 m opt.)
Mainsail surface 69,0 m2 (près / up wind) / 119,0 m2 (portant / down wind)
Water capacity 360 L
Fuel tank capacity 200 L
Engine 30 CV (40 CV opt.)
Certification CE Category A