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Haber Motorboats






Haber Yachts build an extensive range of quality motorboats for use on rivers, canals, lakes and the sea from houseboats to displacement and planing pilothouse boats, traditional New England style RothBilt centre console and cabin boats and the GC range of classic ‘Riva’ style wooden speedboats.

Most Haber models are customisable to a degree, particularly the custom ‘One Off’ project range.

Contact us today for the latest prices, specifications and options – we will be pleased to hear from you!

Haber Houseboats

View Haber Houseboats
Haber 620M Displacement Boat

View Haber 620M Displacement Boat
Haber 660M Displacement Boat

View Haber 660M Displacement Boat
Haber 700MSD Semi Planing Boat

View Haber 700MSD Semi Planing Boat
Haber 700MPL Planing Boat

View Haber 700MPL Planing Boat
Haber 800M Displacement Boat

View Haber 800M Displacement Boat
Custom 'One Off' Project Range

Haber's range of 'One Off' customisable pilothouse boats, built to your requirements.

View Custom 'One Off' Project Range
RothBilt Boats

Traditional New England style centre console and cabin boats.

View RothBilt Boats
GC Boats

Classic 'Riva' style wooden speedboats.

View GC Boats