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Dufour 382 GL Wins Cruising World’s ‘Boat of the Year’ 2016 Award for Best Midsize Cruiser!

899_boxDufour Yachts 382 Grand Large was recently awarded Cruising World’s Best Midsize Cruiser class in this year’s Boat of the Year judging. In fact, since 2009, no other builder has won more “BOTY’s” than Dufour.

Cruising World’s Senior Editor Herb McCormick describes how Cruising World’s judges decided between 4 boats (Dufour 382Dufour 350, Hanse 315 and Marlow-Hunter 31) in the Midsize category. And how the 382 came out on top.

“Ultimately,” McCormick writes, “the choice in this category came down to the two Dufours, which were nearly identical in terms of workmanship, styling, deck layout, hardware and other features. Both boats sailed well.

“Of the 382, Murphy said, ‘I quite like this boat. Sailing it was really a lot of fun. The helms felt really good. You had to play the main in order to steer properly, but that was easy to do. So it was a really happy experience sailing this boat. I also liked moving around, especially on deck.’

d382-3d-02“But Sherman enjoyed his turn at the helm just as much, if not more, on the smaller 350. The price difference was about $50,000 between the smaller and larger boat. A lively discussion ensued.

“For that extra 50 grand, the 382 offered a traveler and backstay, expanded helm seating, a much larger head and 25 percent more displacement, which translates to more volume and what Murphy described as ‘spatial comfort.’ For buyers, it represents an interesting choice. For our judges, it meant the Dufour 382 was the Best Midsize Cruiser for 2016.”

This year marks the 7th BOTY award Dufour has since 2009 (the year Dufour Yachts won two). Previous winners include:

2015: Dufour 560

2014: Dufour 500

2012: Dufour 36P

2011: Dufour 45e

2009: Dufour 40P and Dufour 525

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